Why You Need This Forex Trading System

Stealth Forex is a complete trading system that comprises of custom indicators, designed to highlight high probability trades and a complete trading method for each of the trading styles included with the system. The documentation and the free email support provide all the information you need to get off to the best possible start.
High probability trades
High probability trades Place high probability trades with the pinpoint accuracy of a veteran forex trader. The custom Stealth Forex indicators give multiple confirmations for trade entries.
Built in trading safeguards
Built in trading safeguards Stealth Forex helps you to keep out of the market during dangerous sideways movements and times of low volume. These are the very times when many traders lose their money.
Multiple confirmation
Small draw down – minimal capital outlay
Small draw down & minimal capital outlay The precision trade entry points and the stop loss position indicator show you exactly where to enter the trade and where to place your stop loss. This ensures an absolutely minimum draw down.
Easy to follow instructions
Easy to follow instructions You don’t need programming skills to use it and there is no difficult jargon you have to learn. The detailed and simple trading and money management instructions will guide you every step of the way.
Step by step instructions

Stealth Forex Indicators and the Earlybird Alert System

Stealth Forex Trading System™ is based on 4 custom indicators and an alert system that are not available anywhere else. They give clear visual indications for high probability trades with multiple confirmation of the possibilities. You only need to watch how the indicators change colors and apply the simple trading rules.
Stealth BUY/SELL™ and Stealth LCD™
Stealth BUY/SELL™ and Stealth LCD™ The two indicators which took many months to perfect are the heart of the system. They help to identify the trend on any time period and indicate the possibility of price changes.
Stealth BUY/SELL and Stealth LCD indicators
Stealth Hybrid™
Stealth Hybrid™ This dual function custom indicator is a confirmation indicator for the previous two. You can also use its cross over points to make a late entry into a long running trade.
Stealth Hybrid indicator
Stealth W Pivots™
Stealth W Pivots™ Our indicator better reflects the volatility of the market than a standard pivot. By using this incredible indicator it is possible to pre-set profit targets, which is ideal for those traders who like to “Set It and Forget It”.
Stealth W Pivots indicator
Stealth Earlybird™ alert system
Stealth Earlybird™ alert system The alert system draws your attention to the possibility of a trade setup in the near future. Popup and audible alert indicates when you can consider a trade entry and need to examine the other indicators.
Stealth Earlybird alert system

Stealth Forex Trading Methods

Deciding which method to trade should depend on what style of trading you are best suited to. Sufficient funds and the market conditions will also be key factors in your decision. The Stealth Forex Trading System offers 4 variations of trading styles: 2 for position trading on various time frames, one for part time trading and another for scalping.
Stealth Forex Longer Term Trades
Stealth Forex Longer Term Trades If there is a very strong trend in place, then trading the longer term methods will usually yield the best results, but waiting for really good set ups will require a great deal of patience.
Stealth Forex Longer Term Trades
Stealth Forex 15 Minute Trader Method
Stealth Forex 15 Minute Trader Method A position trading method that works on a shorter time frame. It is based on trend identification and identifies set ups to follow the prevailing trend.
Stealth Forex 15 Minute Trader Method
Stealth Forex Creamer Method©
Stealth Forex Creamer Method© This part-time trading strategy is for trading the USD/JPY, AUS/USD and NZD/USD only and is time sensitive. It is most suitable for those who can trade between 00:30 and 06:00 GMT.
Stealth Forex Creamer Method
Stealth Forex Scalping Method
Stealth Forex Scalping Method Scalping is the act of making very short duration trades with the objective of being in and out of the market with a small but high probability profit.
Stealth Forex Scalping Method

Detailed Documentation, Free Email Support & Updates

No matter if you have been trading for years or if you are just starting out, you can easily follow the step by step instructions in the documentation. The detailed user manual, the accompanying eBook and free email support provide all the information you need to get off to the best possible start.
Step by step setup guide
Step by step setup guide Detailed documentation will help you to complete the installation and trading configuration of the forex trading software. The user manual will also guide you through the basic steps to start trading.
Stealth Trading Methods eBook
Stealth Trading Methods eBook The eBook contains trading instructions and money management advices for each of the forex trading strategies, including day trading, forex scalping and the part-time strategy.
Stealth Forex documentation
Free email support
Free email support Email support is also available for you to ensure that you get off to the best possible start. Many of our customers say that our customer support is worth the purchase cost alone.
Free email support
Free product updates
Free product updates You receive a lifetime licence for personal use of the Stealth Forex Trading System™ which also includes free updates to the latest version when available.
Free product updates

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